Exhibit 5: Movie Poster

I recently saw the movie “Bilal” in theater; after waiting two years for the US release it was everything I had dreamed of. Therefore my poster is a fan poster for this film.

I tried to follow the curve of the golden ratio while laying out the poster. The busiest part of the design starts in the mid-top left and spirals out and down to the title at the bottom. I also made use of repetition of shapes in some of the images, such as rectangles, and repeated horsemen. I also tried to keep a consistent color scheme without letting things become difficult to see as the image became busier toward the spiral center. I kept the original title logo but simplified it, cleaned up the cracked edges a little bit, and matched it to the color scheme. I liked the way the flow of the letters echoed the negative space beneath the face; it fit very well there.

Movie poster standard is 27in x 41in. My poster is much smaller. Because I started in GIMP to create the images with my drawing tablet, such a file size at 300dpi would crash my computer. I scaled the poster down to 9in x 13.667in, which is the same aspect ratio.

I know for sure there are things I could improve. If I had more time, I might add black shapes over the face to act as negative space where his hair, beard, and eyebrows would be, if it wouldn’t be too distracting. I think something like that would make it easier to tell who the silhouette is, even though it should be obvious from the title.


– Created simple graphics with GIMP and drawing tablet, referenced from the movie trailers

– Imported all into Photoshop

– Created sand dunes in a separate file:

  • shaped gray rectangles with warp tool
  • colored with layer modes and gradients

– created layer mask from face shape over sand, sky, and mask

– colored horsemen using a layer mask and overlay layer

– gradient and layer mask to fade out mask

– used this image to get the title logo

  • magic wand tool to erase everything but “Bilal”
  • quick mask to clean up edges
  • new layer and fill with gray for new flat title image

– stole Barajoun Entertainment’s logo from their Wikipedia page, locked alpha and painted gray letters white

– downloaded SF Movie Poster font and created the billing block

– the central focus point still felt lacking, so I added one of their taglines in Bodoni 72 Smallcaps


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